Intro To Casino

Uncommon And Startling Facts About Casinos
Casinos are a common existence around the world.For more info click here There are casinos in all countries and that too not just one or two but there is one in every nook and corner. This is a common happening in the western countries and their popularity in the other parts is a little dimmed. But this has not stopped or curtailed the interests and ambitions of the gamblers around the world to indulge in gambling for money making. So far all the articles and write-ups have spoken about how a casinos functions, what are the restrictions they pose on their players and how they affect the social and personal life of a person. Now here, let`s try to understand and know more about these various casinos at different parts of the world from a different angle.
1. The quirky Las Vegas
If it`s about casinos, we certainly cannot miss on the Las Vegas since this name is closely linked with casinos and gambling. One funny fact about this casino is that, in 1951, when the US Energy Department was busy testing their hands on atom bombs, the casinos that saw the lit night sky started hosting parties in the name of this horror that the rest of the country was experiencing. They excited their customers with atomic cocktails, atom bomb parties and there was even a beauty show with the title `miss atomic energy`. The attire that was presented by the participants also depicted the colors and the mushroom cloud look, sketching the smoke clouds created by the bomb when exploded.
2. Slot Machines- The Foster Child of Casinos
Many of us would have heard about these slot machines or probably seen them only inside the casinos and wherever such gambling games were encouraged. But the truth is it had its birth in a car shed where these machines were used as an entertaining factor and a time pass for the owners of the cars that had come for a routine check-up. This game started attracting the attention and interests of all the people so very intensely that these got a grand welcome in the casinos wherein gamblers were occupied with this when the table games were full.
3. Monte-Carlo Casino Not For Monaco (ians)
The infamous Monte Carlo casino is unpopular only among the inmates of Monaco for it is a paradise for the other country people. It was rule brought in by Princess Caroline in 1800 and it strictly stopped the citizens from the gates. How does it benefit the people then? The country does not tax people with taxes instead takes the earnings of the casinos for the country`s welfare activities.

4. The scrumptious sandwich from the casinos
Sandwiches might be a very common and snack time nibblies for the younger generation today but originally it was the casinos who invented this tasty-yummy treat. The history goes this way. The casinos, in their initial periods, were so very crowded and always jam-packed that gamblers were fully occupied playing without even breaking for food. So the casinos came up with an idea of stuffing some meat in between the bread slices so that gamblers get to eat as well as play at the same place simultaneously and this is how we have the sandwich culture today around the world of course with modifications.
5. Quit For Your Good Programs
Too much of gambling leads to addiction problems. There are casinos that offer programs helping gamblers to break a bit from their gambling activities. It is a volunteer program wherein the gambler can either decide to be away from it for a year, 5 years or even for the entire lifetime. But when a gambler is under such a no-gaming agreement for his good, he is not supposed to gamble or probably he will not be allowed to gamble anywhere in the world.
6. A woman to crack the first legal entry into the casinos
All the casinos require the gamblers to hold a license for their gambling activities. This is issued to them based on some special requirements like age limit, basic disciplines etc and it was a woman who became the first eligible person for this license. This approves the facts that gamblers are not necessarily males but even females are allowed to gamble inside the casino doors.